Imapgreetings=no does not work

I am using Voicemail with IMAP integration using Dovecot and when a user records a greeting it will add it to their IMAP inbox. I do not want this to happen. I only want voicemail messages (not greetings) to go to the IMAP server. I read in the support docs that there is a field for imapgreetings and I have set this to no in the voicemail.conf
and restarted asterisk and it still sends greetings to the IMAP users Inbox where the voicemail messages also go.
Anyone have any experience or ideas.

Hi Erik,
I know what you mean, I am having the same problem as well and it’s driving me crazy. If I come up with any answers I will let you and everyone else know.

I have never used IMAP so I would not be able to comment directly but I have seen talk about IMAP on the asterisk users list. You may want to search the archive or ask on the list (`