IMAP integration with Lotus DOMINO

I am trying to integrate Asterisk with Lotus DOMINO ( NOTES ) where domino would be the voicemail repository for asterisk. I am using the latest version 1.4.13 of Asterisk to do this with IMAP, and it almost works. The main problem is it can’t store the voicemail in the end users mailbox, it always store the voicemail in the master user’s mailbox, remember in voicemail.conf you have to specify one master user who has access to all other user’s mail box. That’s in this mailbox that the voicemail message is always stored.

I’ve seen this somewhere in the documentation :

these directives AUTHUSER and AUTHPASSWD would be ignored if i use kerberos, but i can’t find any documentation on this.

Any idea, either how to use kerberos or how to specify the end users correctly in voicemail.conf.

NOTE : I’ve tried to put the end users in each voicemail definition in voicemail.conf but it simply does not store the voicemail in the right mailbox. ( |imapuser= … )

Thanks a lot