I'm looking for a wireless device to listen to calls

I’m running a call center based on asterisk 1.8 (piaf),
My Manager would like to have a wireless device to listen to calls, with an option of whispering (talk with the rep’ side only).

  1. Do you know something like that?
  2. Even when I try to use “spychan” with my desktop device (snom300), I hang up customer calls. How can I fix it?
  1. Standard DECT phone with FXS interface on the Asterisk box. I believe there are also SIP DECT phones. An ATA approach is also possible.

  2. I seem to remember an issue about this on issues.asterisk.org/jira/ recently. You will need to search it yourself. If it is there it might have been fixed in 1.8.5, otherwise you may have to apply a pending patch or wait for a fix.