Ignore Contact on sip invite

Hi, a provider is asking me to ignore contact information on the sip invite and use the from instead.

Is it possible to do this? How can i do it ?

It’s a SIP trunk beetween 2 pbx one nec and an asterisk , and apparently they can’t send the correct contact for the extensions, it sends a generic id

Ignore it in what way?

´Well i receive a diferrent from: and contact: info , the the trying uses the contact: info.
They want me to use the from:

This is the invite
INVITE sip:601@192 .168.1 .200 SIP/2.0

From: “2368”<sip:2368 @192 . 168.0.134>;tag=083C324631353641023A6739

To: <sip:601 @ 192 .168.1.200:5060>

Contact: <sip:3000 @ :5060>

The Trying does not use the Contact. SIP responses are sent to the source IP address and port from which the INVITE came.

The Contact will be used, however, for subsequent in-dialog SIP requests. There is no ability to override that or use the From, because that’s not how SIP works.

Thank you for your response

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