Idea on configuration

I’m trying to work on a scenario with a top level executive and his assistant. He doesn’t want to press anything on his phone.

Is it possible to have a shared Line Appearance that multiple people could talk on? A call comes in, that call would then be placed on hold, he then would press “Line 1” and answer the call. The only work around I can think of is using the Park feature.

The other issue is, a Call comes in to his assistant, who then transfers the call to her boss. The boss answers, and yells outside his office for her to call someone else. What would be the method to patch the next person in to the call without pressing buttons on the boss’ phone? (assisted 3+ way call)

Another scenario is the boss calls in to his assistant via cell phone. He asks her to call in caller B. Caller B is then in a 3 way call with boss. During the call, boss asks to patch in another caller (caller B). Would asterisk be feasible to add a 4th and maybe even a 5th caller to the call, and would the assistant have control of dropping callers off the conference?

They are coming off a lucent key system that is 20 years old and had these features. I’m working on building a plan to move towards asterisk and SIP, but these items are out of the ordinary. However I see a need for it in the upper level business world and feel like i’m not the first to run into these issues.

Thanks in advance for the help!

look information for Parked calls, Meetme or Confbridge.

I think he was actually asking for Queues, rather than Parking.

Adding calls to a conference might be possible without using AMI. I am fairly sure that doing third party drops would require AMI.

For extensive third party operation the secretary really should be using an AMI interface.