Idea for new options for Dial() and VoiceMail()

I’m not a developer of Asterisk just an end user. But I have found a couple of issues where I would like to see some new options/changes for Dial() and VoiceMail().

With Dial() if the automon is set how can the ‘h’ or ‘H’ option be used seeing it uses ‘*’ key to perform a hangup? There should be a new variable which can be set which would be some thing like ‘hangupcode1=*7’ and ‘hangupcode2=*9’. Kind of like the automon. It would also be nice if this would then allow a Goto() to be used. Reason: If a person does a hangup using ‘h’ or ‘H’ then it would do a goto() which could be used to add the CallerID to a blacklist or a whitelist depending on which key was pressed.

With VoiceMail() it would be nice to use both the ‘s’ and ‘u’ options at the same time so the instructions can be suppressed but be able to used either the ‘u’ or ‘b’ option at the same time.

And last a couple of new functions AddBlackList(), LookUpWhiteList(), AddBlackList(), RemoveBlackList(), RemoveWhiteList(). While these functionns can be worked around, they would just balance out the LookUpBlackList().