IAXY S101i works ok, but no LEDs light

Yes, I know the S101i is unsupported now. My old S101i went toes up after years of faithful use. I acquired a used S101i. After performing a factory reset on it using the prescribed instructions, I was able to fire it up and provision it with no issues reported. It registers ok with my Asterisk server and I can make and receive calls normally with it. However, neither the BLUE nor RED LEDs have illuminated during use. Is this a fault in the iaxy or is there some programmatic way to cause them to illuminate as on every other S101i I have seen?

If it matters, my Asterisk server reports
*CLI> iax2 show firmware
Device Version Size
iaxy 23 39360

Probably just that the LEDs have gone out. If it registered okay, you should have some LED happiness - same when it’s ringing the attached telephone. If you see neither, they could have burned out.

Thanks for that reply. The LED’s will be missed, but not as much as the function of the IAXY was missed when my old one died.