IAXy Outgoing Call Busy

I got the IAXy working inside our firewall: it’s able to call any local extensions, and receive calls from both local extensions and outside callers. So far so good!

Issue: when I pick up the handset on the phone on the IAXy, I get a dial tone, then I press “9” to make an outside call, I immediately hear a busy signal. On the asterisk server, all I see is this:

– Accepted AUTHENTICATED TBD call from

It’s probably a super simple solution, but I’m just stumped.

Thanks in advance,


do you have a entry in the IAXy’s extensions.conf context for ‘9’ ?

Thanks! I had to set up the context in iax.conf to be the same as the other phones in the network (instead of “default”). It started working after that.

Now I have to figure out why the IAXy disconnects from the network every minute or so. But I will post it as a separate issue :smile:

Thanks again!