IAXy-compatible full-feature analog phones

I have the IAXy now connected to the AT&T 950 which I bought from OfficeDepot. It works fine, but it does not support any of the advanced features of the IAXy like VMWI (Voice mail waiting indicator). I called Digium but the tech could not provide me with a list of recommended analog phones for the IAXy. I need a phone that has 3- or 4-line LCD that can display VMWI.

Thanks in advance!

It would also be nice if the analog phone had a dedicated headset jack.

We use Sennheisser’s CC550 headsets and the UI740 amplifiers in our company so I wanted to make sure that the analog phone on the IAXy had both modular jack and 2.5mm headset jack. It also had to support Visual Message Waiting Indicator (VMWI).

Scouring through the compatibility list matrix of the UI740, I found the Telematrix SP550 single-line analog phone. Sector29.com was selling it for $92. I will post more when I get the phone and fully tested it with the IAXy.