iax2 return

hi guys

i need a lil bit of help

i have setup an iax2 trunk from my asterisk box here to another one in Australia

and what i want to do is that if calls come from that box to here and are not answered that they will return to the box in Australia

can anyone help with this?

Where is here?

If the call is coming from Australia, hitting your box and after no anwer you want it to remain in Australia, then it’s the Au dialplan that has to look something like this

exten = s,1,Dial(IAX2/to-here/1234,30) then after 30 seconds stay in Au going to VM.
exten = s,n,Voicemail(u2000)

At your end, you just accept the call so it rings and if nothing, it buggers off back to the Aussie box.

Know what I mean?