IAX2 Loaded but not running

I have the IAX module loaded, but it is not running. In modules.conf I have them set to auto load, but IAX is not running. Also Is there a way I can call an extension, and it go to a web address and playback whatever the https link is?

Define what this means.

Although I haven’t used this, I seem to remember people saying that Playback now accepts URLs. The code certainly special cases things with :, sending them to “say.conf” processing, and that includes things with ://, even though say.conf has nothing about //. It wouldn’t playback just anything, it would need to be in a supported format, and I seem to remember that it fetches the whole resource before starting to play it.

What happens if you try and load it from the CLI?

I get an error that states “ERROR[15954]: chan_iax2.c:13553 set_config: Unable to load config iax.conf”

In that case it is not loaded, as the load aborted.

The message means that the the generic part of loading /etc/asterisk/iax2.conf failed, which would be because it doesn’t exist, it has unacceptable permissions, or possibility because has a problem with the high level structure, although I think the last one is unlikely as I see lots of errors on other files that are only detected after that stage has passed.

What does it contain? What are its permissions and ownership? Do you have SELINUX enabled, and if so, how was the file created?

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