iax2 inval

Hi All,

I’m relatviely new to Asterisk and IAX, but I have a porblem with Asterisk and our VoIP Gateway folks at Gradwell.

Periodically, we fail to handle incoming calls correctly. Calls originate on PSTN, terminate on our Asterisk box, via gradwell. Theres no apparent reason for the failure, it suddenly starts, and then just as suddenly stops happening (call succeed). At the time of failure, outbound calls are ok, and it just affects inbound calls.

I’ve taken Ethereal snoops from good calls and bad calls.

On the good calls I can see the NEW, AUTHREQ,AUTHREP,ACCEPT call flow.

On bad calls we get : NEW,AUTHREQ,INVAL…

From the protocol I understand that INVAL happens when one end terminates the session and the other end doesn’t know this.

However in our case call flow is:

gradwell > us (NEW)
gradwell < us (AUTHREQ)
gradwell > us (INVAL) (subclass 10)

So - am I right in that gradwells Asterisk box thinks the session had been terminated or something?

As I said - I’m new to Asterisk, so how can I debug this further?

I’ve asked gradwell to prepare to capture the traffic on their side when it happens again as I want to see if the IP packets are being corrupted on route.

I’m running 1.2.10

Anyone have any ideas on this?