iax2 failed registrations not writing to log file

I’m using Asterisk 11.3.0 and I want to allow registration of remote extensions using IAX2,
I have no problem register the extensions,
The problem is that asterisk is not writing any logs for failed registrations,
and I’m afraid of brute force attacks on my server,
I want to configure fail2ban to block this brute force attacks.

this is my logger.conf:
messages => security,notice,warning,error
full => notice,warning,error,debug,verbose,dtmf,fax

but nothing is shown on any of the logs when iax2 registration fails,
the only way i can see the requests are by setting: “iax2 set debug on” which is not a practical thing to keep on.

before that I was working with asterisk 1.4 and I could see the failed registration requests.


Ok I found out the problem,
need to set authdebug=yes on iax.conf!