IAX2 Endpoint Queues

When i add IAX2 endpoint into queues their status are unknown?


autokill=yes   ; don't stall for a long time if other endpoint doesn't respond
srvlookup=yes  ; enable DNS SRV lookups for outbound calls

[office-phone](!)    ; template for IAX-based office phones
type=friend          ; Asterisk will allow calls to and from this phone
host=dynamic         ; inform Asterisk that the phone will tell us where
                     ;   it is on the network
secret=123456789  ; a secure password -- which means DON'T USE THIS ONE!
context=internal    ; the context where incoming requests will enter the dialplan
disallow=all         ; reset the available voice codecs
allow=ulaw           ; prefer the ulaw codec
allow=alaw           ; but also allow the alaw codec

[jimmy](office-phone) ; define our first phone with the office-phone template

[danny](office-phone) ; define another phone with our office-phone template


persistentmembers=yes ;// Dynamic still stays even after reload

musicclass=default      ; play [default] music
strategy=random         ; use the Round Robin Memory strategy
joinempty=yes           ; join the queue when no members available
leavewhenempty=no       ; don't leave the queue no members available
ringinuse=no            ; don't ring members when already InUse

member=> IAX2/danny

Dont know abour IAX2, but there is module specific configuration that you must be aware of to get optimal behavior with certain state providers.
For chan_sip see the chan_sip State and Presence Options section.

For res_pjsip see the Configuring res_pjsip for Presence Subscriptions section.