IAX Trunking with routes

Hi Guys.

After a whole day trying to solve I appeal for your help.

I have a small project in the company that i work and have to hit it first in order to grow the same within the company.

[PBX-London] ------------------------- [PBX-HOSTING] --------------- ----------- [PBX-South Africa]

1- Site Hosted PBX
No SIP extension, trunks to connect only

2 - Site London
20 SIP Extensions

3 - Site South Africa
100 Sip Extension

Here is my problem.

I must not do a trunk between the sites i must trunk then with the Hosted PBX and the Hosted PABX must do the routing call for me.

For exemple , I am in London and i need to call the South African Office i would just need to dial they extention and the trafic must go through the iax trunk get route by the hosted PBX and get delivery at the South African PBX and the user.

I did set up but i am getting this erro , i would like to know if you guys can help.

  • Executing [1001 @ my-phones: 1] Dial (“IAX2/4000-5317”, “IAX2/1000: 1000@ / 1001”) in new stack
    • Called IAX2/1000: 1000@ / 1001
      [Apr 8 23:31:25] WARNING [28987]: chan_iax2.c: 10749 socket_process: Call rejected by No such context / extension
    • Hungup ‘IAX2/ :4569-279’
      == Everyone is busy / congested at this time (1:0 / 0/1)
    • Executing [1001 @ my-phones: 2] Hangup (“IAX2/4000-5317”, “”) in new stack
      == Spawn extension (my-phones, 1001, 2) exited non-zero on ‘IAX2/4000-5317’
    • Hungup 'IAX2/4000-5317’
      cw-voip-test * CLI>

I wonder if anyone can help me with this problem.

Thanks Alot


Why do you need a PBX-HOSTING? Why not just make a trunk between PBX-London and PBX-South Africa?



in reality you dont need the Hosted PBX but you can have it if you wish , it does add complexity.

If you are going to use it then you need to have a dialplan on it that knows what extension is where, either fixed routes or using the switch statement instead of exten. By using switch on the central system it will learn what is where.

if you need any more help email or call us.