Iax trunk crashed our remote site!

Hey people here is what happend. I have one asterisk box “trixbox” setup at my corporate office and one setup at a remote site which is connected on a 128k frame relay over the sprint network. I had the tunnel up for a long with with no problems as soon as i added phones to the remote site and put it live suddenly the internal network on the site crapped out. I looked at the router and it had an alarm on it. i could not ping the corp office. I called sprint and they said that they saw a huge amount of traffic that was broadcasted. As soon as i disconnected the cat 5 cable at the corp office everything went back to normal. Is there a reason that this happend? does every call get sent over the tunnell perhaps? this was very weird.

I am running trixbox 1.1 the hardware is a powerspec 1.7 ghz 550mb beast :smile:.

Trixbox just because it make it easier for the rest of my team to keep up!

every call will get sent over the tunnel IF your dialplan has it set up to route calls that way.

you need to post some output from your CLI if you want us to be able to help…but no, your remote office should be able to route calls entirely within it’s own subnet IF the dialplan is set up correctly.