IAX or DUNDi w/ Multiple Asterisk Servers

My understanding of IAx and Dundi (so far) is that they are only good for distributing the dial plan (ie extensions.conf) between Asterisk nodes.

If you have multiple Asterisk boxes, what about the bazillion other config files in /etc? sip.conf or voicemail.conf for example. Is there any native Asterisk mechanism to distribute these?

If you can’t distribute all of your configuration with DUNDI and IAX, I don’t see the point. You might as well roll your own solution with rsync toi sync files between boxes.

What am I missing?

Realtime configuration from a database is one way to acheive centralized management of many of the key configuration aspects of Asterisk. Although there is still a fair amount of text file configuration involved and some of highlighted the fact that Realtime hits the database too often to scale well.

It comes down to either centeralizing your files via NFS or using something like rsync.

Further, there are plenty of reasons to use IAX2 w/DUNDi, as DUNDi allows for Asterisk systems to easily identify resources across a federated PBX. Also, it is the answer to decentralizing ENUM into a P2P enviornment. Do not confuse DUNDi as an application for distributing core configuration.

NFS would be cool. I’ve heard it doesn’t scale well, and of course your probably getting your files from a single NFS server. Maybe we need to look into a HA NFS solution. I think Network Appliance have solutions like that.

Also, this was recommended in the past in terms of configuration file management:


But as you may see I did not quite follow.

forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php? … filesystem

I guess something like this might be interesting: