IAX endpoint not authenticating after changing (section) name


When configuring an IAX trunk I had some issues when changing its (section) name, at first I had the following configuration that worked:

type = friend
username = commend
secret = commend
host = dynamic
context = public
auth = md5
requirecalltoken = auto
allow = !all,g722,alaw,ulaw,gsm,h264,vp8
qualify = yes
qualifyfreqok = 60000
qualifyfreqnotok = 8000
qualifysmoothing = yes
language = en

After this I changed it’s (section) name from [commend] to [iax_test] and the endpoint could not be authenticated anymore.

Is this section name used as some kind of username, even if I configured a username?

Yes. The “username” option specifies the username to use when authenticating TO the given entity. Not the expected username when they authenticate to us.

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