Iax accounts

Just a general questions. If I am going to have 40 iax voip accounts with my provider, I will need to configure it 40 times. The other time I was reading about macros and i am still havent read it properly. I guess I can use this macro thing. Can I ?

why the hell would you have 40 accounts? You can pass more than one call at a time per account…

Macro can be used in dial-plan only (extension.conf). Not in config files.

I will be doing predictive dialling and based on the 2lines per agent and having 20 seat that becomes 40. Isnt it. Do I still really need 40 lines?

you will probably need about 40 CHANNELS. IE 40 concurrant calls.
That does NOT mean 40 accounts unless your provider restricts you to one channel at a time per account, in which case you should find a better provider.

It is (unless your provider prevents it) quite possible to (if you have the bandwidth for it) but any number of calls across on the same account.

I was going to start Asterisk . Just confirming I have to register my VOIP provider at sip.conf and iax.conf (planing to have both ) and then define my sip clients that connects to asterisk. This will be 20 sip clients as we have 20 seats right?

yes 20 seats = 20 clients. even if the phones handle more than one call at a time. If you only define one line then (usually, depending on the phone) the L2-L3-L4-etc buttons just act as call control, ie L2 is the second call, L3 is the 3rd, etc.

I have started config th iax.conf. At present I dont have an account user & password but still I want to config the client ones.

The register server for my client will be my Asterisk box , right?
register =>cyrexpabx:1234@ Is this right? Can I use domain name instead of Ip address?

and then I start with creating clients like


Am I going right direction?