I want to learn asterisk deeper. Can you help me?

Hi guys,

I really want to learn the product development related to VoIP and Asterisk. And I think Trixbox is really a good help for me to study it since it is open source. I’m already downloaded it and try to study it piece by piece and I think one of the core module of this system is its database. I just want to ask if anybody knows the Trixbox Database Design. I really appreciate if someone can give me its tables and its columns definition and more appreciation if someone can give me the full ERD of the system. I’m trying to search on the web but i couldn’t find one that will help me to somehow ease my study.

Thanks for your time in reading this comment and your help regading this issue will be highly appreciated.


Do you want to study Asterisk or Trixbox ?

Trixbox is not realy a “Single product” it is a collection of other peoples products, What it is a “wrapper” round them. The database you talk about is proberly the freepbx one. This is ONLY core to freepbx installations and not needed by Asterisk as such.

To find out how the databases are configured use phpmyadmin and browse the databases.


Actually both… But I want to study the Trixbox for now. I’m almost finish reading Asterisk references I got. I just want to see how the asterisk react with the Trixbox.

I see… Thank you. I already exported its table and print them. Can I ask if you can give the FreePBX database table descriptions along with its column description? And if possible its ERD. I’ll just use it for checking and also as a reference.

I’ll start with FreePBX first before the other software which are embedded on the Trixbox .