I want a phone for the secretary

I want a phone for the secretary.
I want the segretary view if I am making a phone call…
I want the segretary can enable or disable the voicemail service using his phone…

Which phone do you recommend ?
Actually we are using the Grandstream GXP2000.

Thank You.

I believe the Grandstream supports a BLF (Busy Lamp) feature. So you should be able to setup a function key with busy lamp. Not sure about turning voicemail on and off. How do you want this to work?

I want that secretary can (typing on phones keyboard):
Enable voicemail.
Enable call forward to another number.

If you activate call forward all then this will stop voicemail picking up calls anyway. However I’m not sure how you would do that from another phone. This may be something that you would have to write a small custom dialplan for.