I need to know if Asterisk can help me lower my vitelity

I have 18 Lines currently with Vitelity.

I use the Vitelity GUI to forward them where I want when I want. Vitelity charges$1.49 plus 1.2 a minute.
Fair enough price but here is the catch.

Its 1.2 cents a minute for calls in and 1.4 out.

So when someone calls my phone Im getting billed 1.2 cents incoming and 1.4 cents outgoing for the call to connect where I want it to.

As of this morning I had used 1234.7 minutes and was billed out at around $29.00 in usage charges. They do have an option to route the calls in for an unlimited price of $8.00 I have one of my lines set like that and it helps a bit but the problem is I still pay the outgoing for where the call is connecting to.

If I set up an asterisk box somewhere can I get these costs down?

No one can answer me here?

a little patience, pleaseā€¦

and- if you are using their call forwarding service because you do not have a VOIP fone, then
NO- asterisk will not help you.

if you are sending them to different work sites, cell fones, etc- to follow you from place to place-
then NO- asterisk will not help you.

if you have one location with high speed internet access, and can set up a VOIP fone there, Vitelity can pipe all your DIDs to that fone, no asterisk needed.

now thati have covered a few NOTs- what exactally are YOU trying to achieve?

we would like to help, but need more informationā€¦