I can log into my asterisk remotely only in IAX not in SIP

Help gurus!!!

I know that part of the task is find my own answers but is many hours spended in this issue and cant find the answer.

is a asterisk@home is public, web visible from internet and remote IAX extensions log in and work perfect, but SIP remote extensions cant


sounds like you have your box wide open to be hacked, I hope you know what you are doing having it so exposed (web, etc.) as there are a ton of security holes in AAH.

I suggest you post more specific information, on the AAH forum where the reader base will be more familiar with AAH and will probably be quite willing to help you once you post some config info, conf file info, etc.


are the security holes in AAH documented somewhere?

You might want to review your externip and related settings in your sip.conf if you are behind a nat firewall. This could be part of your problem

gtcleaves, as Jtellez said, if you did a bit of looking you would have found the asterisk@home handbook that clearly has a section for securing your asterisk box – voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … dbook+Wiki


I managed to make it work , problem with ports…

also I did config the AAH securiti according to manual, I dont know if is good enougn

thanks again