I am looking for the way to run a VB6 exe from asterisk

I am looking for the way to run a VB6 exe from asterisk.
could you told if is posible and the step to do it.[/quote]

could your VB6 EXE listen on a TCP socket and just run as a service on a windows server?

You might look into an open source program called Wine. It allows you to run windows executables on Linux… not sure how that would work in this scenario.

well I dont have window server I have two computers one computer with asterisk installed and another computer with window xp. both computer are conected to a switch. In the window xp computer I have an vb6 exe. thats the exe I want to run trough asterisk. It is posible to run an exe with an exten from asterisk?

Not the sexiest solution but you could always use any one of the fast-agi implementations that would run on windows as a wrapper around your VB6 application. Then simply shell out and execute it.

An alternative twist to the same concept would be to take the components out of your VB6 app, transform it in to a web service, and invoke it from asterisk with curl within the dial plan.

if you have access to the source code of your VB project, try to compile it with your Linux (if it is Linux) with [ul]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambas[/ul] or [ul]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/REALbasic[/ul]

if you dont have access to the source, try wine project winehq.org/ to start your ‘VB6’ project under Linux (ot it is Linux ) :smiley: