I always return to the Login Page

Hello everybody.
I have a problem with before install AsteriskNOW 2.0 before to execute “yum update” or with “Module Adminsitration”.

Let me show my scenerio:
1.- I installed AsteriskNow 2.0
2.- I installed “Digium Phone Module for Asterisk” and "Free Fax For Asterisk"
3.- My IP Address si with DHCP

At this moment all works fine. I have access via GUI with the default user and password “admin”. I can display all the information in the bottoms “Admin”, “Aplication”, “Conectivity”, “Free PBX Status”, Etc.

4.- When i do, in the command line: yum update it updated all the packages that are neccesary in my system.
5.- The update finished correctly.
6.- When i connect to the GUI, again with the default user and password, it show me “FreePBX System Status” but i can see the menu bar correctly.
7.- If i go to another bottom (“Admin”, “Aplication”, “Conectivity”, “Free PBX Status”, Etc.) it show me the main page (introduce my login and password)

This is always when i try to move to another place.

Somebody can help me to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance
Sergio Vergara

You are on the wrong forum.