HTTP Post with asterisk

Hey Asterisk users,

my requirement is as follows …

whenever a inbound call on my voip account comes it should be connected to my asterisk IVR o… my asterisk should perform 2 tasks… after taking options in the menu

  1. asterisk should make an outbound call using another voip account (am looking 100 simultaneous calls) Is it possible to make 100 simultaneous calls using a single voip account ??? if yes please suggest me provider name.

  2. asterisk should so an http post along with outbound call mentioned above … is it possible ??? if it is please tell me which sections of our asterisk guide will give me a clear idea about http post.

thanks in advance guys … i don need spoon feeding juz suggest me which sections in our userguide will provide me meaningful information

answer to your questions

  1. depends on your supplier and your bandwidth

  2. the curl function is your friend here.