HST Saphir V card

Hey all,

I’m new to the forums here and have a question.

A client of mine needs an Asterisk system. I have advised him to go with the following (the first 2 servers he already has in-house and is wanting to use them):

1x Asterisk server (Dual PIII 1 GHz system, 1 GB Ram, 90 GB HD)
1x Mysql server (Dual PIII 1 GHz system, 1 GB Ram, 160 GB HD)
1x Apache server (To be ordered)
8x Agent systems (To be ordered)

I also advised a Sangoma A101 for the Asterisk server. However, he informed me that he already has a card. It’s a HST Saphir V card. You can take a look at the specs here: hstnet.de/english/products/i … /index.asp

I called them today and talked with a rep about integration with Asterisk and he said no prob. There are Linux drivers (static binary) for 2.4 and 2.6 kernel.

Has anyone ever used one of these cards? Does anyone even know about these cards? They seem a bit pricy for me (2000+ Euro a pop).

Anyway thanks for the info,

i would ask to speak to reference sites that are using the card with Asterisk. it’s too easy to say “yeah, it works with Asterisk” … you need real world info.

as an aside, why another server for Apache ? and are the 8 agent systems PCs ? you seem to have a lot of machines involved here, it must be for more than 8 users right ?

It’s a bit late to be asking any other questions. lol. the card is in the hands of my client and I have to be happy with the “hell yeah, it work wid asterisk” reply I got from the rep.

The only thing I can do now is take a one of my Sangoma a101’s with me and hope I won’t need to install it in his system ( I need it for another contract and don’t want to have to order again so soon ).

And yes, it will be for a lot more than just 8 agents. He has approx. 100 working there. Once it’s up we will be moving 8 over to the Asterisk systems and they will be our test bed until everything is smooth. After that we will be moving them over at about 10 per month.