HPEC big Problem help!

Dear all
I have bought 5 license High Performance Echo Cancellation, and i installed to my asterisk system, Web Order Number is : W133023
My asterisk system information:
System server: CentOS 5.2 final, i686
Asterisk version: 1.4.21
Zaptel: 1.4.11
two Digium TDM card: AEX800, TDM800P

I got problem about installing as bellow:

  1. When loading zaptel modul by using command:
    Modprobe zaptel

then no notice about digium HPEC have been loaded

  1. after Installing without error, we will configure as bellow:
    in the zapata file



  1. Big problem happened: System crash when take some outgoing call( 2 or 3 calls)

Please help to solve this problem thanks

anyone help!!!