Howto enable advanced voicemail options

How do i enable the advanced voicemail options?
I have been googling for hours but cant find the answer.

Advanced options ???

Is that the “Press 3 for advanced options” ??

Should be there already. If you want the call back option enabled under advanced, you need “callback=context” in the options part of the voicemail box.
If you want to hear the message envelope before teh message is played you need “saycid=yes”

For example

; voicemail.conf
; options......
200 => 1234,Tech Support,,,tz=Sydney|attach=yes|saycid=yes|callback=extn_context

Is that wat you wanted to know

[quote=“MrFidget”]Advanced options ???

Is that the “Press 3 for advanced options” ??

Yes, thats the option. But, the option is not announced and when i press 3 it is not recognized.
I added the options in voicemail.conf like you indicated but that didn’t change anything.

It must be something else i’m afraid…