Howto create an ISP with asterisk


Is posible to serve the internet connection through an analogical line using asterisk?

I mean some like this:

Analogical modem client <-> Asterisk <-> Analogical modem <-> Router <-> Internet

I’ve a 400P card.

As to weather or not Asterisk can emulate a modem (and therefore terminate a modem connection) I cannot answer. However if you want to create an ISP Asterisk is probaly NOT the right program for the job.
I do know that any PROPER GNU operating system (most of the “enterprise grade” linux distributions) has all of the programs needed to do this, but I don’t know exactly how to do so (since I have never actually needed to do so).
I think the connection would go something like this: PPPD (which requires a MODEM, not a TDM card) > IPtables > WAN/Internet.
As to weather a softmodem (or winmodem) program for the TDM400P exists or not I can’t say, though I’m certain that it could be written (after all a winmodem is basically a single-port FXO card which generally requires a proprietary driver.

Sorry I couldn’t help more, and good luck.

Oh I see. Anyway thanks a lot for your attention.