How works Asterisk Realtime?

I use Asterisk Realtime and have an issue reported in this post:

In my conclusion this is an Asterisk issue when use Realtime, how can I understand the Realtime functionalities works to apply the correction in the source code? Has anyone documentations about it?

Github source code:

Basically I suppose if the “order by” method is changed to use the field uniqueid will solve this issue, but I didn’t understand how these code works to be able to change it, then I am looking for knowledge to do that.

This is an end user forum. .There is a mailing list and IRC channel for developers.

Note that ARA is only maintained by the community.

I suspect you will need to read the code.

Thanks @david551
Anyone know how can I participate from this mailing list and iRC channel?

Google does, e.g.

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