How to use ps_transports database table


I’m running Asterisk with the realtime database. However, it is not advised to use the ps_transports with realtime according to the documentation. At the moment i configured the transports in the ast_config table like the example below:

This works, but i would prefer to use the ps_transports table in a static manner if that’s possible?
If it is possible, i would really appreciate an example of how to configure that.


I always recommend putting transports in a configuration file. Transports are generally a static thing, they’re stateful, and they seldom change.

Ok, our problem is that we run the asterisk in a docker container without volumes or bind mounts, all the data is gathered from the database and thats the main reason im keen on using that ps_transports table.

I could think of using the file for base configuration and complement it with extras like external_media_address and so on with values from the database but in the end, having all the data gathered in one place would sure be nice.

What you’re doing now presents the values to Asterisk as if it came from a config file. This is closest to a .conf file and follows much of the same flow which is best.

Doing it via sorcery will effectively do the same. You can try it by doing it the same way that endpoints, aors, contacts, etc are configured in sorcery.conf. That’s the extent of what I’ll say.

Thanks for your time! Sounds like i should stick to the ast_config…

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