How to use gateway with Asterisk?

Asterisk is a powerful open-source program of IPPBX, which is available at : Its main pusher is Digium Corporation, whose PCI cards, including FXS card, FXO card, BRI card, PRI card, T1 card and E1 card, have become the first choice of most Enthusiasts. Plugged in these cards, a PC can connect the VOIP network and PSTN.
In fact, users can choose a gateway through the SIP ports of Asterisk. Compared to the manner of plug-in cards, using gateway has the features of flexible locations and better vocal quality. And our gateway products, through testing, can carry out all of the Asterisk functions.
The features of using geteway:

  1. more flexible locations. You can manage the distribution without PCs.
  2. better vocal quality. The gateways use the hardware of DSP, so can acquire a lot better vocal quality when there is substantial telephone traffic.
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Send me some of your gateways and I will let you know if they perform better than the Digium cards.

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