How to Upscale Volume when any user have joined Conference using Asterisk (Free PBX)


Can any one tell me
How to Upscale Volume when any user will join Conference and Downscale Volume when any one leave the Conference which are associated with Asterisk 13(Free PBX)?.

thanks is advance.

How does FreePBX implement conferences?

At what point in the conference setup/tear down does FreePBX allow custom code to be introduces?

What restrictions dose FreePBX put on user provided AMI applications?

Generally answering your question is likely to require knowledge of FreePBX internals, and this is not the right place for that.

It would also help to understand what real world problem you are trying to solve.

thanks for you reply,

Actually, my requirement is that when any agent/User join conference then agent/user received some music tone like (beep).i want to increase volume of beep sound (upscale) and for same when disconnect beep sound (downscale).

we are using Asterisk is background for all processes.