How to upload music file in to asterisk Directory

I am creating IVR menu, I have music in USB Flash or my Window’s desktop.
Please how to upload in my asterisk directory. Where and how to upload?

you ennd to use a “scp” client like putty to copy fils to linux

If you are uploading files for ‘music on hold’ and you (or your package/distro creator) are using the standard directory layout, the destination directory would be /var/lib/asterisk/moh/.

The files must be in the correct audio format as well. I prefer ‘wav’ encoded (using sox) as ‘–bits 16 --channels 1 --encoding signed-integer --rate 8000.’

Process to upload please?

I’m a ‘Linux-weenie.’ I’ve never done it on Windows, but I’d guess:

  1. Start a CMD shell
  2. Enter a command like:
pscp d:*.wav <my-asterisk-box>:/var/lib/asterisk/moh/

Reading the page TheMark linked should fill in the details.

you can also use the GUI version where ther is a file broser for copy files

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