How to unify linkedid using multitenant architecture

Hi. I have a multitenant asterisk architecture where many Asterisks are behind Kamailio servers. I’m using DUNDI to route call throught any Asterisks server that contain the online endpont (‘A’ pjsip endpoint can be registered on Asterisk 1, and ‘B’ pjsip endpoint registered on Asterisk 2, for example, and ‘A’ can calls ‘B’). All CEL events from all asterisks servers are stored in a same table on database. How can I create a relation between all events of a same call that pass throught N asterisks, if ‘linkedid’ is different?

Custom SIP headers can be read and set using the PJSIP_HEADER dialplan function. This can be used to convey information. You can also generate a custom CEL event from the dialplan. Putting these together you could make an identifier pass through instances, and also appear in the CEL log, to associate things together.

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Otherwise, you would need to modify Asterisk itself.


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