How to tell when I need another T1?

Outside of sitting in front of the console all day watching the calls go by, or waiting until the users complain about random call failures, is there an easy way to tell what the maximum number of calls at one time was during the day?

I never used full log, so my idea would be to run a cron job to issue

and record in a file for future analysis or parsing.

Thanks but I was already aware of the show channels method. However, for this to be effective I’d need to check this several times a minute all day long and I have no idea if this will affect the server or not. Is there no counter that I can turn on so I can tell the maximum number of calls at one time in a day to determine if I need more lines?

Thanks for your help

How about monitoring the bandwidth with a tool such as

He’s concerned about PSTN lines.

Practically speaking, statistics don’t have to be collected more than once every five minutes. Is it correct to assume that you are doing this only for capacity planning purposes (as opposed to coping with spikes)? If so, you will have very meaningful statistics even once every hour if you collect them during a long enough period of time. And you can do this on a continued basis, do backward number crunching every day after an initial “stablization” period, for example.

Another method, of course, is to crunch available logs such as CDR. At least theoretically this is feasible.