How to suppress the "Please hold while ..." in voicemail?

When you press “0” in voicemail (assuming operator=yes, of course) Asterisk says “Please hold while I try that extension” before it actually transfers you. Is there any way to suppress that announcement?

FWIW, what I want is a “back door” (sort of a DISA) in voicemail and if the caller presses 0 in VM I use the exitcontext option to take him to a menu that asks for authentication and then gives him more options. That all works fine, except that it insists on saying “Please hold…” and then immediately “Please enter your password”. Sounds bad, and I’d like to suppress the first message.

I suppose I could always just replace the transfer.ulaw file with silence, but that’s pretty crude. There has to be a better way.

If there’s a better way to have a back door while leaving a message, I’d love to hear it.

Bob Armstrong