How to start user dialogue with variable announcement prompt

Hi There,

I’m working together with a friend building new functionalities on a Asterisk platform. We are using A2billing to let people make cheap VoIP calls. Before people end up in A2billing we want them to treat them with an announcement that depends on certain variables.
What we would like is to make a campagne with

  • start date
  • stop date
  • prompt number
  • prompt every callerid once
    This could easily be stored in a MySQL DB and values in the DB altered with a webpage.
    My friend is an expert on VoIP and telephony but not on system integration. I know a lot of PHP, Perl, Bash, C, MySQL etc

My question is how can you let Asterisk communicate with that database or executable that access that database. Where do I have to look for information how to do this. What is a good starting point?

Thanks in advance.


Chapters 9,10 and 12 of the book Asterisk TFOT 2nd edition ( .


Marco Bruni