How to setup group line in Asterisk

Guys i’m newbie here in Asterisk we plan to create to group lie in asterisk one is for callcenter line and the other for corporate line how would i configure it asterisk. Sample if I call the number 948-8888 it will goes to callcenter group or if call the 997-1111 it will goes to corporate group

thanks in advance to whom may replies.

Well, there are a few ways to tackle this…

You can use GotoIf() statements to jump to a context when whatever number detects a call however, this can become a real “GotoIf” zoo if you have more than 2 numbers. I use an SQL database to store my numbers, then you can just pull from a database. Simple, slick and easily configurable.

Hopefully this helps.

Many ways.

Use queues.
Have consecutive Dial applications.
Have dial applications with & separated destinations, to ring in parallel.
Use conditional logic to try and sense the destination state without calling it.

True, it all really depends on your overall plan. Sometimes you start out thinking that your going the right direction only to find out that you are hopelessly lost…

Then, night is falling, and you try to find your way out, but you can’t read the config files by the fading light of the setting sun… You decide to make base camp, but without the configuration setup properly you have no fire. Darkness falls over the CLI like a blanket of fear. “Crack”… a channel brakes not far from where you now sit. Cold, sweating, shivering in your computer chair, your heart pounds, your mind races… was that just a ZAP Channel?, SIP?, IAX? Your heart starts to pound, fear overtakes you, gripping your very core. You think to yourself “If only, if only I had planned my asterisk configuration better…”

You scream into the night “DEAR LORD, SAVE ME FROM MY DIALPLAN!!!”, but did God hear you? Are you using the right codec? Sure you might like G729 but what if the translation tables aren’t there? Did you pay for the omnipitent licensing? What if you miss the call-back? You didn’t setup a voicemail box because you couldn’t get your AsteriskRealtime DB set up!

Things have now gotten so bad, you turn to your bible and read Ezekiel 36:26

Encouraged now by the word of GOD HIMSELF you re-install Asterisk vowing to never let this happen again, to always go in with a plan, to use flowcharts and planning, to never ever go back to the disasterous chaos that was your previous install.

… or… not?