How to set up Call forwarding in Asterisk


Here is the situation. I have a toll free number 18xxxxxxx and this number is forwarded to my asterisk server which is located in LA. Now i want calls made to this toll free number to come to my cell phone located in India. Note my asterisk server can call international calls.

Can someone guide how can I achieve this.Please explain and provide the sample dialplan.

Thanks in advance.


What have you tried so far? What went wrong?

Im just confused where to start from. I know how to forward the calls to another asterisk and can ring an extension in it.

How can I forward a call to another number.


At least one of the several one line solutions to this ought to be obvious to anyone with the minimum necessary understanding of Asterisk dialplans (and a quick search of core show applications should find at least one other).

Rather than giving you a cut and paste solution, I need to address the problem in a way that will avoid your needing to ask obvious questions in the future.

Alternatively, I need to understand why your situation is more complex than the question implies.

Lets try another hint:

What is your dialplan for making outgoing calls from the local phone?

Hi David,

Thank you for response. I managed to set the call forwarding. but there is a delay of about 1-2 secs while hearing the opposite person.

Could you suggest me some solution to reduce the lag.

Below is my dialplan

exten => 888xxxxxxx,1,Goto(2011,test)
exten => 2011,1(test),Dial(SIP/011919xxxxxxxxx@vitel-outbound)
exten => 2011,2,Hangup()

So basically when I call US number (888xxxxxxxx) it will be forwarded to India number (9xxxxxxxxxx).

Any ways to reduce the delay. Or its an service provider problem.