How to set max compression for purposely inducing garble?

Here’s a new one. My audio works great, and it looks like the sound frequencies are so good that they are reversible when the waveform is inverted.

Thats not too good for some specific testing I’m doing.


Squeeze the heck out of an audio channel until you can barely understand it. Basically hammer away the nuanced harmony, timbre, and data until there is bare bones.

I do not want it to sound good. Staticy would be great if we could have that as a setting too.

Has anyone been able to reproduce this? I need it, thanks.

I must say this is an odd request most people want perfect quality. However, some options you have:

  • Reduce the spec of the hardware

  • Introduce some serious transcoding

  • Misconfigure the jitter buffer (possibly)

  • Duplex mismatch between you asterisk box and the switch

  • automatically bridge calls with a channel that constantly plays an audio file with static

All very convoluted but possible