How to run SIPml5 webclient on firefox?

i am successfully making call using SIPml5 from google crome (without building/installing webrtc2sip i only installed my asterisk with following command) ./configure --with-crypto --with-ssl --with-srtp=/usr/local/lib …but there is problem with firefox…i came to know that firefox required the wss and certificate to run SIPml5 webclient…but my questions are

  1. i know how to generate the certificate… but how i put it into the webclient?
    2)should i required to build the the webrtc2sip as per given in support document of doubango? and then configure the .xml file of webrtc2sip to put the certificate?
    3)then same setting will run for the google crome?

my system specification is :asterisk 11.8,Centos 6.5,crome and firefox are updated.
please reply me to troubleshoot this issue…thanx in advance

This question should made in the sipml5 forum not in asterisk.