How to remove dead silence/pause before ringback is heard

All, I have been having an issue with our set-up. We have the latest AsteriskNOW using Digium D40’s, FreePBX setup and we use analog lines on a Digium TDM card and I have been coming across an issue that I can’t nip in the bud. When a user dials on the keypad the number they wish to dial and then presses the dial softkey, they is a long silence before the call shows attempt to connection on screen and ringback is heard. After this happens the call completes as normal.

Does anyone know how to remove the silence/pause and have the phone immediately provide the ringback and connect as soon as the user presses dial softkey?

For FreePBX aspects, please use

Otherwise, you need to provide more information on you telephone system, and, possibly, verbose console logs, to try to establish whether the delay is even within the control of Asterisk. In pure Asterisk, you could use the r option on the Dial application, to fake ringback, if the delay is on the outbound side, but that is probably not what you want.

It may be best to enable millisecond time stamps. If you are going to present logs here, please try and locate the actual delay as FreePBX generates very noisy logs.