How to register 10 trunks at same single hosts

Please how to configure/register 10 trunks in PJSIP.

same password but different usernames?

I need only to combine in one file if possible, Instead a long configurations ?

You can use templates[1] for common parts, otherwise it’s the same as different hosts and using config wizard[2] can simplify it.

[1] Using Templates - Asterisk Documentation
[2] PJSIP Configuration Wizard - Asterisk Documentation

I suspect the real issue here is having the same IP address. There is a line option that can sometimes solve that, but otherwise specifics are needed of what is at the other end of the trunk.

PS “trunk” is not a term used either Asterisk or SIP. I’m interpreting it as meaning an endpoint associated with an account with an internet telephony service provider.

The circumstances in which this tends to arise is using a service intended for single users - use one intended for medium to large businesses - or multi-tenant - subject to an legal restrictions, use one provide account and do you own call accounting, to split the costs.

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