How to protect your configuration?


If i have developed a custom dialplan in a file named: extensions_custom.conf
Exist a way to Encrypt the file extensions_custom.conf .
The encryption should be un-readble by humans but the asterisk can Understand the dialplan internally.

Exist a way to do that?

I’m looking a way to avoid if another technnical go to my client, the can’t copy my dialplans…etc

Exist a way to do that?

You can encrypt the file, but a t the end in the cli anyone with little knowledge of asterisk can recreate the dialplan from there only seeing the cli or by executing: dialplan show.

Ok. How can I encrypt the file to only asterisk understand the codes?


as said there is no point encrypting the file as “dialplan show” will show someone what it is.
Your only option is to use a AGI and encrypt that that file or use a compiled language
another option is to use as custom application and compile that.

But are you 100% sure no one has done what you have done before…