How to Prevent New Callers from Joining a Conference Call

Hi, we are using Asterisk How do we prevent new callers from joining a conference call? Lets say I organized a meeting at 10 AM and another meeting at 11 AM using the same code. The 10 AM meeting is going longer than expected. At 11 AM the callers for 11 AM meeting dial-in and they can hear the 10 AM conversation. Is there a way for me stop new callers from joining the current meeting?



iirc, meetme has a lock function that, when engaged, should prevent others from joining.

Thanks malcomd. Here is an example of a Meetme line in the extension.conf.

Line 246: exten => 12345,1,Meetme(12345|AsM|12345)

When I hosted a conference call and hit *, I got the menu below:

Press 1 to mute/unmute myself
Press 4 or 6 to increase/ decrease conference volume
Press 7 or 9 to increase/decrease my volume
Press 8 to exit

If I press 2, it says “invalid choice”

Why dont I have option 2?


I don’t know, 1.4’s a pretty vintage version of Asterisk; I haven’t touched it in years.

In newer versions, and possibly in that version, the ‘A’ flag sets marked mode, while the ‘a’ flag sets admin mode. Locking and unlocking the conference was, iirc, an admin capability.

What is a marked mode?

I looked here and saw indeed ‘a’ is admin mode and ‘A’ is marked mode.



Marked was used as a way to differentiate a person that might start a meeting. Typically, if you want a conference where everyone remains on hold until some kind of leader joins, you’ll set up that conference to start that way (waiting for the marked user) and then you’ll have another user join in with the marked flag. When the marked user joins, the conference starts.


Thanks for your prompt replies. I came from a Shoretel system so this is new to me.

Will option 2 work if I add ‘a’ so the line becomes

Line 246: exten => 12345,1,Meetme(12345|aAsM|12345)