How to port Asterisk for Cygwin?


I am using Asterisk ported for Cygwin but it is not Cygwin standard but Cygroot coming with audio player and a number of not working shell commands.

Today I installed Cygwin and would like to port Asterisk for Cygwin, as Asterisk for Cygroot is an old version.

Any idea ?

Just subscribed to Cygwin group to learn more about state-of-the-art in Cygwin development and list of ported apps.

It is better to remove windows from the picture entirely.

Any version of windows os is a security risk and really only for home pc gamers, not production servers.

Get a healthy version of linux like Centos, it has a 7 year security update cycle and is immune to swiss-cheese syndrome.




I am sure, your CentOS is really powerful system but I need Asterisk on Cygwin for home use (Vista).