How to play an ad to the called and maintain ringing to the caller till the end of the ad

I want to set up a service where the caller dials a number, and the destination once it answers the call hears an announcement. I checked the option A (x) of the Dial command. When the destination is an internal number, the caller hears ringing tone till the called hears the ad to the end. But if the destination is an external number, as soon as Called answers, the caller stops hear ringing and hears silence. So for National calls, the caller never knows when the destination actually finished auditioning the ad. How can I configure this?

Two attempts:

;exten => 24063,3,Dial(${TRUNKTB01}/918912099},40,A(Nocoutgoing),M(cdrnocdialedatendida16122^${cdrnocvar}))
exten => 24063,3,Dial(${TRUNKTB01}/211020120,40,A(Nocoutgoing),M(cdrnocdialedatendida16122^${cdrnocvar}),rRtT)