How to pass Time in $CALLERID (UK)

The UK Caller ID specification includes the ability to send the time as part of the caller ID message.

I see this on my home DECT phones when connected directly to the POTS, because after a power cut the clock on the phone resets to 00:00, the way I would normally reset time on the phones is to simply phone my home number from another phone (e.g. my mobile) and the caller ID data sets the time correctly for me.

Now that I’ve got an asterisk system (using a Sangoma A200D and a Linksys SPA2102) in between the POTS and my DECT phones, I’ve found that I’ve lost this feature, and was wondering if there is anything I can do to restore this? Asterisk is passing the caller ID number to the phone. I was hoping there might of been a $callerid variable for time, but I can’t seem to find any trace of one, or does anyone know better?

Hi You will need to look at sin 246

and see what teh speck is and then check that the card is passing it ,

A1.4 Time & Date
If calls are stored (that is, stored for display after the end of the call) then the Time & date
parameter should be logged with the calling number/name.
This parameter may also be used to set clocks, provided the Call Type is 127
(binary 01111111) or below, or is not specified.

is the relevent section .


Thanks Ian, however I’ve no idea how to determine if it’s the sangoma, asterisk or the Linksys which isn’t passing the caller id time message.

Google searches for caller id, time, SIN 246, SIN 227, v23, asterisk, etc. don’t yield anything useful, so I’m at a loss how to proceed.

Asterisk has no concept of a time associated with caller ID.

Thanks David, That is kind of what I feared when google searches came back with nothing.